Presto Venture Marketing was created as a way to bring the marketing and consulting services of Presto Property Services and Presto Restoration Products in house.

Over the past decade, the latter two companies spent millions of dollars on various marketing campaigns using different methods such as: newspaper, radio, direct mail, cold calls, trade shows, professional association memberships, magazine ads, public relations, door-to-door marketing, and countless others.
With each marketing campaign analysis, it remained clear that 90% of the non-referral business came from the company's online presence in organic Internet searches.  Until recently, this marketing strategy represented 10% of each company's advertising budget.  No longer.  Today, Presto corporations are where the customer is -- online.
Even in the current economic climate, Presto has managed to consistently draw interest in its companies through Internet based searches, and convert these leads into sales.  

Presto is proud to announce that any service company can now use our marketing strategy to increase their marketing reach.