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We provide a broad range of commercial maintenance services. Our service portfolio includes waterproofing, window cleaning and window washing, glass restoration, pressure cleaning and pressure washing, cleaning and sealing of concrete and pre-cast stone materials, building restoration and building renewal, caulking, and leak repair.

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Glass restoration can be performed to remove hard water stains from the glass surface. 

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Our weatherproofing services are available to help you make an informed decision. Choosing us as your weatherproofing contractor will give you the confidence that an experienced weatherproofing company is handling your issue. We take pride in providing premiere weatherproofing services so that our customers can be sure they are being helped by experts.

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Commercial Caulking is an important aspect of building maintenance and restoration. Commercial waterproofing services prevent air, water vapor, and precipitation from penetrating the exterior envelope.

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We are firm believers that after performing commercial building restoration, it is important to focus on building preservation techniques including weatherproof coatings, and planned maintenance procedures.

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 Proper sealant on commercial structure is crucial for the preservation of building components, and prevention of biological growth.

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Water often enters commercial structures through voids in the window systems. Expired window gaskets should be replaced with silicone caulking in order to provide a permanent seal on the window system.

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Architectural windows are subjected to severe conditions, which may result in damage to the surface of the glass. This damage is unable to be removed with standard window cleaning procedures, and requires glass restoration in order to remove the glass stains. Etched windows have a cloudy appearance that makes the windows look dirty from both the interior and the exterior of the building. 

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We invite you to take advantage of our superior window cleaning services after restoration. We will clean your windows using deionized water and a window-cleaning additive that does not leave an oily residue behind. This will effectively keep your building looking new all year around.

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After the damaging elements have corroded the surface of the glass, often referred to "stage 2 corrosion" the glass should be resurfacedto effectively remove the damage. Inexperienced glass cleaning companies often damage the surface of the glass while attempting to restore the glass. 

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Commercial glass scratch removal saves a considerable amount of money when compared to glass replacement.

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When scrapers are used to remove paint or caulking from windows, they often get scratched. Scrapers used during the construction clean up can also scratch glass. In our experience the majority ofwindow scratches occur during the construction phase, and are usually not noticed until later. We can even remove deep scratches that other contractors are unable to, or unwilling to remove.

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Many high rise buildings get glass stains due to exposure to the elements, high amounts of tap water from sprinkler system overspray, or minerals leaching from adjacent pre-cast concreteonto the glass surfaces.

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High and low rise commercial structures require restoration from time to time, due to excessive exposure to the elements. There are few architectural materials that will never require some sort of renewal or restoration. 

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Replacing control joint caulking on commercial structures is just one of the many maintenance procedures required in order to preserve the exterior envelope of the building. 

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Precast stone restoration is especially important when biological staining or efflorescence is present in the stone. Additionally, when the stone material is leaching onto adjacent glass, it is important to restore and protect both surfaces. 

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We provide a variety of clear water repellents for stone surfaces. Our clear water repellent services vary depending on the type of surface requiring clear water repellent application. Common water repellent applications are performed on pre-cast concrete, brick, limestone, and a variety of other natural and synthetic stone.

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We are firm believers that after performing commercial building restoration, it is important to focus on building preservation techniques including weatherproof coatings, and planned maintenance procedures.

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Waterproofing is a service that protects your building from water damage. Water damage can be a very serious and expensive problem and is often overlooked until it is too late.

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We can effectively remove hard water stains, mineral staining and scratches from glass. Our commercial glass restoration services can be performed at the ground level, or we have the equipment and knowledge, to perform high rise glass restoration

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We have the experience to provide inexpensive commercial painting costs while providing professional painting and coating results. We know you have a choice when selecting a commercial painting contractor, and that is why we address every type of interior and exterior painting and coating need. 

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